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Being an expert is no good unless you share it. Helping our clients deliver a unique vision through written word means we get to do that daily.

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We demand the best from ourselves so you can expect it.

Our focus has always been on quality, not quantity. We’re not interested in sending out identikit essays that might as well be copy-pasted. Our customers keep coming back because they know we care about giving them written perfection, and the trust they put in our team is what drives us to constantly improve our service.


Founded by a small group of enthusiastic academics who just loved to write but couldn’t find a platform for their work. From small acorns do mighty oaks grow!


Finally, the magic number, having a client from every state in the USA. We had been holding out for Nebraska, and it finally came in, unsurprisingly for an essay on Irrigation Efficiency.


Our writing team reached the 250 mark! The addition being a Massachusetts-based lecturer who had missed writing about Biology in general since specializing in Molecular Biology.


Reached 50,000 clients with a student from England who needed a dissertation on phoneme shifts in native New Guinean languages. How’s that for a topic?


Our support services reached an important milestone with 50 members now at the coalface to ensure that people can get the support they need 24/7/365!


Opened our new offices, a huge sign of our growth so far and belief in the future.


100,000 papers delivered, across every subject and business topic imaginable. The number was brought up by a deli owner in Illinois who wanted a great business plan to get a loan approval for expansion.