A custom essay writing service for all your writing needs

A custom essay writing service for all your writing needs

We don’t sell pre-written papers here. With this custom essay writing service, you can give us your requirements for any topic. We will then make sure to write the perfect essay for you. We have a team of great writers. This along with a love for writing, work together and lead to the creation of well-written essays.

We usually do more than what is expected of us

Our experienced writers aim not to please

At Essay Service, we don’t believe in just pleasing the person who handed in their requirements. Our writers will work diligently to make the essay PERFECT! We will not be satisfied with an essay that is “just okay”.

Too much knowledge for one person to handle

We want to be able to write about a variety of topics so that none of our customers are disappointed. However, one person or even a few cannot horde a whole load of knowledge about various subjects. It would be even harder to master writing for all of them. This is why we hire a bunch of writers with different educational backgrounds. With their experiences, we always have writers on our team who can write for the topic you give us.

We believe handing in work late is coming in last

Passing deadlines and submitting your work late can be bad for your grades in school. We aim to bring you the best grades you possibly can with these assignments. Submitting your assignments late is almost like coming in last. You are losing on all fronts. Don’t let that happen again, use our help and get the best out of your college and school experience.

Go spend more lavishly on other activities

We don’t want you spending large sums of money on us to get some simple essay work done. As a student, we know there is a lot more that you can be doing. Our prices are affordable, even for repeat orders. So go spend your money on something you’ve been wanting to do for a while.

Should creativity be a strong point?

We urge all our writers to always be original and creative with what they write. Because of our vetting process, we only get the best writers. As such, creativity levels have never been higher than as of late. We consider this a strong point for our service because every piece of content that goes out is amazing!

If plagiarism is detected, we’ll sue!

No, we really won’t be suing anyone, but that’s the mindset we have. We have very strict guidelines in place to monitor plagiarism. We also have software that we run every piece of content through. This way we can make sure that there is no plagiarized content. We are quite confident that our work will pass through any other software-checker as well.

Why we are better than other services in the market

We love what we do and we have the best team to carry out your requests at our custom essay writing service. That is the dream combo for when you want a service to go right. Our work will speak for itself.

We believe that writing is the ultimate craft

Writing is a craft all its own. As a writer, your skills need to develop in order to get the best writing. We believe that our writers have reached this point and are amazing at what they do!

We guarantee you will love our service

Deadlines are a thing of the past

Have multiple requirements and only a few days to do them? Don’t worry about meeting deadlines again. Every time something pops up and you’re working on another project, just divert the work to us. We will perfect it for you.

Need someone to speak to?

Once you have submitted your requirements you won’t be left alone. Got any questions or inquiries to make? Just give us a call and one of our members will guide you through the whole process.

We don’t want your information

Honestly speaking, we don’t want your information. We value privacy and we take it seriously. Therefore, not one speck of information will be left about you once you leave us.


Am I able to choose my own writer or will they be chosen for me?
When you are submitting your requirements, you are allowed to choose your own writer. All our writers’ profiles will be listed on the website for you to check on. You can select a writer based on your preference and who matches your requirements most.
Are you able to write papers in multiple languages?
At this point, we only focus on native English writers. This is because we don’t want to compromise on the quality of our English papers. We may yet bring in writers for other languages in the future, but for now, we only have English writers.
Would you sell pre-written papers you have done in the past?
We don’t ever save any of the work that is done for any of our customers. As we said, we don’t want your information and that includes the work that you bring in. That is your business and will remain your business. Also, all of our work is always original.